Jim Watters is a watercolor artist in Kansas City, MO and Naples, FL whose work is inspired by his travels at home and abroad.

jim watters watercolor artist


Creating art is how I most enjoy expressing myself. I find joy in capturing scenes and special moments, with my main purpose as an artist in being able to ignite feelings the viewers of my work can identify with. From natural landscapes to long-standing architecture, I truly enjoy making pieces that reflect realistic beauty with a tinge of nostalgia.

My formal training in art began as a student in high school and continued on through college where I graduated with a BA in Art from Loras College in Iowa. I longed to share my craft with others and give back to the educational community that gave me a solid foundation from which to grow, thus I ventured into the teaching field at the high school level. Over the course of my teaching years, I have taught around the world from the Midwest in the US to Australia, where I have worked with a wide variety of mediums.

My true passion formed in the area of watercolor because it provided me great freedom using both vivid and subtle pigments of color. Through the use of strong shadows and varying light sources, combined with the starkness of the white paper, I have developed a style that is unique to my craft that best represents how I see the beauty in the world. As a passionate traveler, I enjoy using my travels as a source of inspiration. My adventures to 5 continents and 30 countries have contributed the wide variety of subject matter I paint, along with the different methods I use of capturing the global beauty that inspires and continues to motivate me as an artist. – JIM WATTERS